Last Minute Halloween Costume

Still haven’t put together a Halloween costume? All you need is some makeup from your local drug store and a few minutes to watch these tutorials. Happy Halloween!

Cute Lil’ Deer


Sexy Vampire

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.42.35 PM

Scary Doll

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.48.45 PM

Comic Book Character

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.55.22 PM

And if you’re really intense…Zombie Barbie

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 4.12.17 PM

Day to Night Outfit

Sometimes you just don’t have time to change and you need to be appropriately dressed for different occasions! Orrr you might just be too lazy to change your clothes, but want a different look.

What’s the trick? Switch up your accessories! I chose to throw on a lighter jacket that I could carry around, and it instantly took my look from day to night.

I wore this outfit to work, dinner with my grandmother, and then to a bar in Wrigleyville- pretty nifty right?

Look 1

IMG_8926 IMG_8927

Look 2

IMG_8929 IMG_8931

boots (similar here); jacket (1) and pants ZARA; top Crossroads Trading Co.; Jacket (2) SuiteBlanco; sunglasses Carrera

Halloween Spirit

If you’re anything like my friends, you talk about Halloween for the entire month of October and insist on planning multiple outfits for the numerous parties. To fuel their fire, there are even Halloween-themed events  happening up to a week and a half before the actual date! I personally am not the biggest Halloween fan (mainly because of my perpetual and inevitable failure in a “clever”, “cool” or “good” costume). However, I still fall prey to the multiple costumes and festive baked goods.

But this Halloween season, I want things to be a little different. A little more interesting. A little more…subtle. So to get in the Halloween spirit, I’ve been eyeing a variety of everyday-outfit-items that could pass off on this Halloween theme. Functional enough to keep in your closet and wear year-round, yet perfect for the spooooky days leading up to the scariest (debatable) night of the year!

Halloween Spirit

These are just some inspirations. I’m a fan of lace, black & burgundy, and studs especially…so re-vamp(ire) your closet to get festive!

(American Apparel Slim Fit Skeleton Shirt, Burgundy Lace Shirt –, Kate Spade Swiss Dot Tights,  Free People Black Lace Slip Dress, Mint Velvet Black Booties –, Pieces Red Handbag –

Happy Monday!

Mondays are hard for everyone. Knowing that the fun from the weekend is over and a long week of school looms ahead, few things can make Mondays better. Squirrel videos can help. My close friends know my theory about squirrels, that they’re constantly playing games and are evil beings. Yes, I honestly do believe that. Judge me.

First up: The Ninja Squirrel … still don’t think they play games?

Number 2: Come on, this screams evil.

And Number 3: Squirrel can’t handle his shit. Get yo self togetha.


After one of my most recent visits to Zara, I found their signature skort back on the racks (apparently last season it sold out like hotcakes).

The idea of wearing a skort brings me back to the 90’s when I would wear khaki Gap skorts to school so that I could run around during recess and not have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.

This skort, however, is  a different story. It’s stylish, easy to wear, and comfortable! Check out the images below for inspiration on how to style this unique skort and just think of all the room you’ll have for activities!






For fall, don’t be afraid to play with different textures. One of my favorite looks is combining the skort with a chunky knit or a layered jacket. Another good thing about this skort, is that after a day of wearing it with your big sweater, you can change into a cute top and wear it out at night. Tada!

Find the skort right HERE


Munch, my local and favorite vegan-vegetarian restaurant, is located at 104 N. Marion St. in Oak Park, IL. They provide delicious and interesting vegetarian and vegan foods with a variety of gluten-free options. They even sell gluten-free breads from a bakery located in Evanston. And they literally have the most amazing black bean burger I’ve ever had. EVER.

So here’s the lineup from my most recent jaunt to Munch:


Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad; Side Raw Kale Salad


This salad was awesome. Pretty much as you would expect: arugula, walnuts, goat cheese and mango in a light dressing. The real surprise though, was the fresh dill sprinkled on top and the dill flavor in the oil-based dressing. I’m not a huge fan of dill, but the way they used it in this dish was really tasty. Big fan.


This side salad came with my wrap and the waitress had absolutely insisted that I order it, claiming that the dressing was amazing. Not sure what is in said dressing, but she was right. Soooo good.


Grilled Portabella and Eggplant Wrap


And for my main event we have a mushroom wrap. With marinated tofu. Yes, I know tofu is an acquired taste, but I love it. and Eggplant. and Portabellas. So basically this was a perfect pick for me. I’m pretty sure the wrap itself was gluten-free and from Rose’s Bakery in Evanston. So I felt extra healthy post-meal.


Kumbucha. I really like kumbucha and really like to think I’m super cool and healthy when I drink it. It sounds zen and has fun fizzies, so I’m fine with that! Apparently it is supposed to be good for cleansing your system and what-not, so at least there’s some added benefit to the (not-so) guilty pleasure of mine!

Don’t be afraid to try a vegan or vegetarian restaurant! I almost feel like their dishes end up being more interesting and unique since they have less food options to work with! It’s fun to switch things up and it’s the perfect light and satisfyin meal!

Tab per person (Including tax, tip): $14

Pick These!

To all who know me, its no secret that I act like a 5 year old most of the time. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think the best upside I’ve found to this ridiculous behavior of mine, is my obsession with fun, animal-esque knick-knacks…useful knick-knacks! The following three items have become absolute staples in my life, and seeing them daily always brightens my day and forces me to giggle!
Fun Home Gadgets

1. Crane Cool Mist Dragon Humidifier: Where, oh where do I begin with this lil’ fella! I bought this last winter when my dry skin was in desperate need of salvation, and his box said his name was “Merlin”. So Merlin he became. Not only does he function as a wonderful humidifier, but his mischievous gaze is hard to ignore! He currently sits in my room, he eyes staring out my window, and I like to think he’s my personal watch-dragon, looking out for the evils outside. Yes. I know I sound absurd, but Merrrrrrrlin is a helpful little guy in more ways than one!

2. Owl Contact Cases: The second I saw this I knew I needed to have it. And have proceeded to eagerly show it off to all my friends, literally like a proud child. Seriously, you could have a boring, normal contact case. Or you could have an owl contact case. Not a hard choice in my book.

3. LadyBug Toothbrush Holder: For my birthday last year, my roommate bought me a bumble bee toothbrush holder to match her ladybug one (featured above) and ever since they’ve posted side by side on our mirror, bringing a smile to my face every time I see them!

So when trying to find some necessary household and beauty goods in the future, stray from the normal path! Be daring! Be fun! And invest in some of these great finds!


I’ve been eager to try out Farmhouse, located at 703 Church Street, ever since I first realized the abandoned sushi restaurant that remain empty on the a bustling street corner was being converted into a new Evanston farm-to-table. Being a little pricier than most of my Evanston staples, I decided to splurge and take my mom out for her birthday here. And it’s conveniently located 5 minutes from me, so she was the one stuck with the long trek. Muahaha.


The outside is a pleasant change from what was there before – a “barnyard” feel with wooden doors and painted animals. And a cute outdoor seating area –  something that I believe Evanston lacks! Inside, there’s a similar vibe – wooden tables, cozy lighting, hanging wicker baskets and fresh flowers in mason jars to add to that effortless, homey feel. And the food wasn’t so bad either! They try to specialize in using all Midwestern products from meats to veggies to wine. And they have an extensive craft beer menu (also primarily Midwestern based!) which is always a fun accessory for any restaurant!


Indiana Duck Breast. Pan Roasted Catfish. Roasted Half Amish Chicken.

IMG_2586My dish – the duck breast. I was the only one to have their meal served on this nifty little cutting board, so I felt pretty special, obviously. They paired it with polenta and Illinois blackberries (obviously better than any other kind of blackberries!) with pistachios on top. The combination of ingredients was delicious and intriguing. And the fresh blackberries were a really unique and refreshing touch!  

The pan roasted catfish was paired with a white bean puree and a sweet corn, sausage, crouton mixture. It was light, unique and bursting with flavor – definitely a good option for any non-meat eaters. But in my opinion, Farmhouse has such a large array of meat entrees, that I would choose to opt for one of those!


The amish chicken. My personal favorite of the night. And this coming from the girl who has basically sworn off ordering chicken in restaurants since it’s often unpredictable and overcooked. Not this. The chicken was juicy and paired with buttermilk and bleu cheese smashed potatoes. Do I need to go further? Buttermilk and bleu cheese. Cream + cream = mouth watering. Then there was also a frisee and corn salad that was served in a tangy dressing. YUM.


Mac N’ Cheese

IMG_2585When you’re with my family, it’s a rule to order mac n’ cheese if it’s on the menu. This golden rule repeatedly steers us in the right direction, and this mac n’ cheese was no exception. There was a creamy and delicious blend of cheeses with a crunchy topping that was the perfect compliment to all of our dishes. The perfect compliment to anything, really.


Check out that three cheese action.


Raspberry Cheesecake Bread Pudding


Ya heard me right. TWO desserts in one. I have to admit, I’m not a huge dessert person, but we had to order something worthy of a birthday candle and how can you turn something down that advertises TWO desserts. It lived up to its initial appeal. I honestly can’t say just how they mixed the cheesecake and bread pudding pieces into one dish, but I do know that I loved how they did combine two of my favorite desserts. And there was a layer of fresh raspberry jam that literally tasted so fresh and sweet that I wanted to find a personal jar of it to have with me at all times.

Overall I was extremely satisfied with the dinner. It was a very cool venue where every dish left us fully and happy. Even as full as I was as we were signing the check, I caught a whiff of their burger of the night walking past me, adorned with all “caprese salad” accoutrements: tomatoes, balsamic, goat cheese, basil … which literally made us all consider ordering one for the table post-meal. We refrained. But it was tough. And I have a feeling we’ll definitely be heading back for one of them soon!

Tab per person (includes drinks, tax, tip): $54.33